Vigini Whitening & Lightening Intimate Hygiene Gel Wash

Vigini Whitening & Lightening Intimate Hygiene Gel Wash

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Good Personal Hygiene is the most important when it comes of healthy lifestyle, unfortunately it is the most neglected. A common belief is that just using a soap/shower gel shall keep our Vagina healthy as well as young, but we fail to realize that issues like ageing, hyper pigmentation and infections cannot be resolved without use of proper products designed scientifically and naturally. Correct awareness is the need of the hour to tackle these intimate issues.

How VIGINI Lightening Intimate Feminine Wash helps:

Vigini Whitening wash provides multiple benefits with one single product. With its ingredients like Amla, Tulsi and Cucumber extract it helps in lightening dark spots and whitening the skin tone of your private part. Lactic acid maintains necessary pH balance and ingredients like tea tree oil have antiseptic properties which helps in preventing fungal infections and treat rashes and itching. Its natural ingredients are very safe to use and avoids any unnecessary usage of chemicals.

Easy to carry and easy to use pack is very handy and can be used anywher

Lightening Intimate Feminine Wash


Oops!!!! My vagina is dark, do I need to get worried?

Our answer is NO…. Dark vagina is not a symptom of unhealthy vagina. Color of your vagina has nothing to do with the color of your other body parts. It may vary from person to person.
Your Vagina is healthy till you are not experiencing any itchiness, redness or foul smell.
Healthy and Lighter skin will help you to gain confidence and inner beauty.

But my vagina was lighter in shade previously, now it changed-why?

It may be because of various reasons which you do not notice while doing things in your daily life
1) Ageing and Hyper pigmentation.
2) Excess production of Melatonin
3) Uncomfortable or tight cloths (wearing synthetic instead of cotton)
4) Using talcum powder on regular basis.
5) Regular shaving of private part
6) Hereditary
7) Hormonal Imbalance
8) Bacterial or Fungal infection
9) Deficiency of important Vitamins
10) Weight gain
11) Uses of unnatural products like synthetic creams or soaps
12) Dry skin and scratching

How can I Lighten my private part?

1) By changing daily habits and maintaining cleanliness
2) Use comfortable cloths, preferably loose and cotton.
3) Keep private part moisturized
4) Regularly clean Intimate area with VIGINI Lightening wash.
5) Healthy and Regular diet.
6) Maintain good body weight
7) Reduce usage of talcum powder and razor on regular basis.
8) Use products with Natural Actives to reverse changes.

Direction of use: Wash

Take a small portion of Vigini Lightening wash and gently rub through your private part and wash with water thoroughly. Can be safely used during periods and pregnancy.

When to use: As we brush our teeth daily a day for good oral hygiene we should maintain a daily routine for Vaginal hygiene as well. This should be used at the time of bathing, after urination and after sexual intercourse.


Vigini whitening wash helps lighten Intimate area

• Helps maintain pH balance of 4.5 and reduce darkness to provide fresh, glowing and       lighten skin.
• Its regular usage helps to fight yeast infection and keep vaginal health.
• Removes foul smell and maintains odor free vagina.
• Reduces itching and redness.


  • If any allergic reaction starts, stop using and consult doctor immediately.
  • Not for children below 12years • Do not take internally.

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