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V-tightening & Whitening Gel

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Due to aging almost all our body parts gets affected adversely, so is our Vagina. Due to child birth or causes of aging the Vagina starts loosing it’s natural tightness and starts to loosen up. Women with more than one Vaginal birth are more likely to have weakened vaginal muscles. However, aging can cause your vagina to stretch slightly, regardless of whether you’ve had children.

Besides Vaginal loosening a common issue of Vaginal darkness is also present in large no. of women. This results in lack of confidence and embarrassment while having intercourse. Use of synthetic or chemically designed creams or soaps may result in aggravated consequences like itching , redness, dryness etc and thus may end in lack of interest in having sex..

It is utmost important that we carefully choose products that are Natural and are scientifically designed for use on our most intimate parts.

How Vigini helps to reduce these vaginal problems

Vigini Tightening and Whitening Gel is developed as a three in one solution. It contains V tightening actives like Majuphal, Collagen, Curcuma Comosa which helps to form new tissues and also develop new cells. It helps to tighten muscles, create youthfulness of vaginal skin. Natural Ingredients like Amla, SAP Powder helps reduce pigmentation and lighten the skin around the vaginal area. Aloe Vera extract, Majuphal Extract nourish skin, keep it moisturized and help in sexual arousal. It also act as Lubricating agent during sex and even give you instant pleasure while having intercourse.

Directions to use:
Take a sizeable portion of V tightening and whitening gel and apply around the vaginal area. Use it on regular basis to see early results. You can also use it as Lube while having sex.

• Moisturize vagina and sensitize while having sex
• Work as lube during intercourse
• Tighten vagina instantly and help to regain its natural form.
• Reduces darkness around the vaginal area and boost confidence
• Its regular usage helps to fight with yeast infection and keep vaginal healthy.
• Remove foul smell and maintain odor free vagina.

• If any allergic reaction starts, stop using and consult doctor immediately.
• Not for children below 12years


What are Vaginal problems

Vaginal problems are common amongst middle aged women. 75% of women suffer from vaginal problems on daily basis. These problems can be related to menstrual cycles, sex, infection, birth control methods, aging, medicines, or changes after pregnancy. Vaginal problems may include abnormal discharge, dryness, itchiness, darkness, loose vagina and pain during sex. Many ignore as it may be embarrassing to discuss with others others . Vaginal problems should not be ignored. Vaginal problem creates discomfort, lack of confidence, mood swing, irritation and lack of interest in having sex.

Vaginal problem generally start with ageing, when you age many changes occur in your body which cause hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance causes losing elasticity of skin, irregular menstrual cycle, lack of energy and many more but in women one major issue is vaginal related problems.

Three major issues of women related to vagina is Dryness Darkness and Loose vagina

Vaginal Loosening
When it’s difficult to reach orgasm and your partner does not enjoy sex and you find it difficult to turn him on, this may be the sign of loose vagina The common reasons are:

You may begin to see a change in your vagina’s elasticity starting in your 40s. That’s because your estrogen levels will begin to drop as you enter the perimenopausal stage.

A loss of estrogen means your vaginal tissue will become:
less acidic
less stretchy or flexible

These changes may become more noticeable once you reach full menopause.

It’s natural for your vagina to change after a vaginal delivery. After all, your vaginal muscles stretch in order to let your baby pass through the birth canal and out of your vagina’s entrance.

After your baby is born, you may notice that your vagina feels slightly looser than its usual form. That’s completely normal. Your vagina should start to snap back a few days after giving birth, although it may not return to its original shape completely.

If you’ve had multiple childbirths, your vaginal muscles are more likely to lose a little bit of elasticity. If you’re uncomfortable with this, there are exercises you can do to strengthen your vaginal floor muscles before, during, and after pregnancy.

Vaginal Darkness
Another vaginal related problem is darkening. It creates lack of confidence with partner and embarrassment. Vaginal skin is too sensitive and thin , using face whitening cream may irritate vaginal issues and cause itching and rashes. Washing with aggressive soaps may lead to removal of useful bacteria and bleaching can irritate sensitive skin.

Vaginal Dryness
Dryness is a problem in middle aged women, there are various reasons for vaginal dryness from which one is menopause. Menopause reduces estrogen level in the body, also disturbs the pH level which result in vagina related problems. Other than these there are several reasons for vaginal dryness like pregnancy, too much douching, medication, alkaline soaps, sexual problem, surgeries and many more. Dryness may cause problem in your sex life and can reduce interest in having sex with your partner because dryness creates pain and discomfort in women and creates friction for both partners.

You need to become a well aware/educated women to address these issues and choose products which are Natural and are scientifically designed with proper care to give best results by addressing your intimate issues.

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