Lubricating Cum Stimulating Gel

Lubricating Cum Stimulating Gel

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If you’ve experienced pain or discomfort during intercourse, you may be concerned that your vagina is too small or too tight for sex. The truth is, it’s not. Almost no vagina is too tight for intercourse. Sometimes, however, you have to help prepare a bit more for proper play.

Vaginal dryness is a common problem amongst middle aged women. Every 1 out of 3 woman suffer from vaginal dryness but hesitate to discuss or just ignore it. Vaginal Dryness can play serious impact on your sexual life.

Vigini Lubricating and Stimulating Gel moisturizes and reduces friction during sex. Acts as a mood arousal gel, making sex more enjoyable. Specially designed to provide intense pleasure and also increase desire for having sex. This water base gel is completely safe and easily washable and does not stain. Its smooth texture gives move pleasure without pain or bleeding.

Our products are Paraben and Sulphate free without any Carcinogenic chemicals.

Direction to use:
Take a sizeable portion in your hand or finger and rub around your genital area. You can apply it to your partner’s part or condoms. If you are using sex toys, apply lube to toy as well as small portion to your genital area to reduce friction.

» Provides moisturization
» Reduce friction during sex.
» Completely safe
» Free from harmful minerals
» Skin friendly Water base gel
» Easily washable
» Condom and Silicone Toys compatible.

Do not use it for intimate areas Avoid contact with eyes if done wash with water immediately. Keep out of reach or children


To understand the cause and effect of vaginal dryness, lets understand the constructive structure of vagina. An acidic layer of wall inside the Vagina helps to protect it from infections. . It maintains good bacteria called Lactobacilli which secretes lactic acid helps to maintain moisture of vagina and also act as natural lubricant. It also balances pH level of vagina which keep it safe and healthy.

If Vagina itself secretes lubricant then how does it get dried? Yes, it has a power of self lubrication but due to our day to day’s activities and hormonal changes it gets affected and start getting imbalanced.

What exactly is vaginal Dryness .
Cervix produces a natural lubricant that keeps the vagina moist. It travels down to vagina and keeps it healthy. Due to various reasons estrogen reduces and due to reduction in the estrogen Lactobacilli gets damaged and causes vaginal wall to become thinner and reduces the natural secretion of lubricant. When the process of natural lubrication gets disturbed it leads to dryness.

What are the symptoms of dryness?
Burning sensation in Vagina ,itching and soreness ,Abnormal vaginal discharge ,Bleeding after intercourse are all symptoms of dryness.

Why are you experiencing dry “down there”and how does it affect our life?
One of the main reason of dryness is Menopause, reducing estrogen level in the vagina. Menopause also disturbs the pH level resulting in other vagina related problems.

Other than menopause, Vaginal dryness or reduction in estrogen level occurs due to unhygienic lifestyle , pregnancy, ovaries removal surgeries, sexual problems, stress and medication. Due to unhygienic routine and use of harsh soaps which are alkaline in nature, the natural flora of vagina gets damaged, this causes dryness and even darkness.

We can control unhygienic behavior naturally by changing day to day lifestyle but we cannot control hormonal imbalance due to ageing and medications.

Vaginal dryness can seriously impact sexual life. Dryness reduces elasticity of skin which causes pain and bleeding during intercourse. This causes irritation, discomfort and reduces interest in sexual life.

How does Vigini Lubricating and Stimulating Gel helps us to restore healthy and happy sexual life?
Some women take supplements which helps to increase estrogen level in body to reduce dryness, Vigini Lubricating and Stimulating gel instantly moisturizes vagina and helps stimulate. Reduces friction and helps experience pleasure for longer period of time without any pain or irritation.

Is this product only of women who suffer from dryness?

Vigini ofcourse helps women who suffers from vaginal dryness and can’t enjoy their sexual life but It is not only for those women but also for the couples who love sex more intense and enjoyable for longer period of time. Vigini gel helps to stimulate erogenous area and helps women to get in the mood and feel the sensation of pleasure therefore increase the desire to have sex. It gives warming and tingly sensation even by touching and enhance sexual arousal. It’s not for the woman who have suffered from serious medical condition but only for those who have suffered from dryness or want to reduce dryness and attain more comfort and pleasure.

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