Hair Growth Vitalizer Serum For hair fall and thinning control

Hair Growth Vitalizer Serum For hair fall and thinning control

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3% Redensyl®, 2.5% Anagain, 3% Anageline, 3% Saw Palmetto, Procapil, Biacapil, Biotin, Keratin  ++ 

Enriched with Premium Natural Actives

Directions for use:

Apply the Serum on the area of Hair Loss. Gently Massage the area with fingertips for some time. Leave it overnight. Rinse hands after application. Apply every night before bed time. Continuous use for three months will show significant results. Carry on use thereafter for continued nutrition. 

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool & Dry place.

Natural Actives & Ingredients

Squalene | Redensyl® | Anageline |Saw Palmetto | Jojoba Oil | Glycerine | Anagain | Lactic Acid | Aloevera Oil | Biotin | Keratin | Bhringraj Oil | Amla Oil | Procapil | 

Premium Natural Actives

Redensyl®- Redensyl results in quicker, stronger, and faster hair growth. Redensyl provides nutrients to your scalp and hair follicles, increases the blood flow to the scalp. Nourished hair follicles result in stronger hair strands. Redensyl ensures stronger and thicker hair without side effects. Redensyl is safe. It is a valuable alternative to hair transplants. It is made with seven plant compounds for hair growth. Redensyl for hair has no side effects and shows visible results

Anageline delays hair loss and favours hair regrowth. controls the hair cycle by regulating the hormonal balance, reactivating the microcirculation and stimulating cells metabolism

Anagain Stimulates hair growth at the root. Prolongs the life cycle of hair. Fully restores the vitality of the hair. Helps make hair denser. Controls hair loss. Restores hair regeneration.

Biotin- Biotin stimulates keratin production in hair and can increase the rate of follicle growth. With a regular intake of vitamin B7, you can support the health of your hair, strengthen the hair and add shine to it. Biotin also helps in preventing various health problems like hair loss, dandruff, scalp itchiness, etc.

Keratin- Makes  Hair  Healthy & Strong plays an important role in hair growth, hair regeneration, and overall hair health. 

Saw Palmetto Ext.-  helps slow or reduce the type of hereditary hair loss known as androgenic alopecia (a common form of hair loss also known as male- or female-pattern baldness). 

Procapil Procapil strengthens hair by activating hair follicles by providing nourishment and oxygen supply. Apigenin, Procapil’s ingredient, stimulates healthy hair growth. Procapil strengthens hair from root to tip, 

Jojoba Oil Provides Moisturization & Growth packed with hair growth vitamins and hair growth minerals that are universally beneficial for hair health. Jojoba oil prevents hair breakage and strengthens your locks. It could also be helpful in treating dandruff, dry and itchy scalp, and be used as an anti-inflammatory and scalp moisturizer as well. It acts as a Hair nourishment oil, reduces frizzy hair, repair Heat and Chemically Damaged hair. 

Amla Oil:  Makes hair healthy & Shining rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidant properties prevents hair premature greying also makes them healthy and shining the roots

Bhringraj Oil- Bhringraj oil has antimicrobial and antifungal properties that can help reduce dandruff… It improves blood circulation and is capable of revitalizing the hair follicles and facilitating hair growth

Aloevera Oil- forms a protective layer over hair and keeps it safe from harmful environmental elements

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