Bust firming Cream

Bust firming Cream

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Toned bust and attractive cleavage is the dream of every women. Not every woman has toned and well shaped bust. It adds to a women’s self esteem and confidence. There are clinics performing cosmetic and breast lifting surgeries for saggy and disproportioned bust, they are quite expensive and can be unsafe.

Vigini bust firming cream helps bring your bust in shape. It’s a perfect combination of herbs and science. Natural Actives like Shea Butter, Majuphal, Witch Hazel, Argan oil, Avocado oil and many other ingredients are proven herbal remedies for bust firming. Vigini helps keep saggy bust into shape . It contains antioxidant properties which nourish muscles around the bust and keep it healthy. It increase blood circulation, develop new tissues and strengthen the loose muscles. It has rejuvenating properties that help develop new cells and remove dead cells. Ingredients like collagen which keep muscles tight and elastin keep elasticity of muscles. It moisturizes the skin and locks it for longer period of time.

Natural Actives :
Shea Butter, Oak Gall Extract, Collagen, Witch hazel, Veg Squalene, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin-E, Aloe Vera extr act, B9-Bitapol and Avena Sativa.

Direction of use:
Take a sizeable portion of Vigini bust firming cream and gently massage through your breast area. Use it twice a day regularly for at least three months to see visible result.

» Bust Toning & Enhancement
» Reverses Sagging
» Shapes Cleavage Line
» Reverses loss of Elasticity by Stimulating collagen production
» Reduces sign of Ageing

• If any allergic reaction starts, stop using and consult doctor immediately.
• Not for children below 12years
• Do not take internally.

Do not use it for intimate areas
Avoid contact with eyes if done wash with water immediately.
Keep out of reach or children


What is Breast Sagging? What are the reasons for this?

Breast is made of Fats and Ligaments in the body. Due to various reasons this fat reduces and ligaments break causing beast sagging. Breast sagging is one of the natural process of ageing. Women breast contain soft glandular tissues and does not contain any muscular tissue hence loosens easily. As women gets older, tissues around breast area start stretching and loose elasticity. Breast sagging starts post feeding in mothers . It is also caused due to hormonal changes during menopause when muscle loose elasticity and reduce fat.

There are various reasons for Breast Sagging

Ageing: The most common reason for Saggy breasts is that the Women in their 40ies start to lose fats and protein of their body and thus tissue elasticity decreases rapidly. They also start to have loose muscles around thighs, abdomen and even face skin .

Uncomfortable clothing: In the growth years of young girls the size of the breast starts to increase. This requires proper care and support .Ill-fitted bras and very tight clothing may restrain proper shape and size growth of breasts.

Weight Gain and Weight loss: Rapid weight gain and weight loss may also cause sagging of the skin by sudden stretching or contracting of ligaments by losing body fats .

Smoking: Smoking reduces a very vital protein known as Elastin from our skin. Elastin is responsible for elasticity in our body. Carcinogens in cigarette smoke break down this protein and decrease the elasticity of the skin which in turn causes sagging breasts.

Pregnancy and Breast feeding: Pregnancy and breast feeding causes breast sagging. Multiple pregnancies can loosen elasticity of skin and cause sagging. As the breast prepare for feeding during pregnancy they grow in size to retain milk for the baby. Post nursing period once the breast milk dries up the breasts size starts reducing and sagging starts. Breast feeding may be Hereditary or caused by exercise without support and also sunburn.

What are the symptoms of Saggy breast?

Saggy breasts may appear tubular in shape, droopy and have very large or protruding nipples with a larger-than-normal areola. One of the first symptoms of sagging breasts is a noticeable shift of the areola towards the lower portion of the breast. The ligaments and connective tissue in a woman’s breasts gives shape to her breasts and requires estrogen to remain elastic. As a woman ages, the amount of estrogen her body produces decreases and this has a negative effect on the elasticity of her skin and results in sagging breasts. How can we control breast sagging?

You cannot control sagging due to ageing or pregnancy but you can make changes in your life style to reduce changes of getting saggy breast earlier than age. Like, you can control smoking, maintain healthy body, use supportive bras and using breast tightening creams.

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