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Vigini Natural Under Eye Dark Circle Puffiness Removal Gel Cream Removes Wrinkles Bags Fine Lines Radiant Boosting + Body Lightening Whitening Brightening Fairness Moisturizing Polishing Gel Cream D Tan Exfoliating Hyper Pigmentation Soft Supple Skin Sun Protection SPF30

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VIGINI Lightening Brightening Body Polishing Cream  we bring to you the heroes of this cream. Let us know how the Natural actives and ingredients in the oil act to give you desired results.                                                                                                                                                                                                    1. Alpha Arbutin & Glycolic Acid are effective exfoliating agents that exfoliate gently to remove dead skin, help boost collagen production and makes skin radiant & fair
2. Jojoba oil moisturizes and softens the skin that is prone to dryness.
3. Vitamin-E hydrates and nourishes damaged skin and acts as brightening and soothing agent.
4. Kojic Acid reduces hyper pigmentation, D Tans removes dark spots, blemishes and signs of ageing. It evens out skin tone and lightens discoloration darkening and stubborn brown patches. 
5. Niacinamide moisturizes skin by increasing level of skin lipids called ceramides, it reduces darkening of the skin in the under arm knee elbow back &  neck.
6. Allantoin is a non-irritating ingredient that soothes and protects the skin. It effectively softens and promotes the growth of new skin cells after exfoliation.
7. Liquorice removes excess melanin pigmentation and lightens brightens the skin. 
8. Olivem 1000 offers moisturizing benefits, boosting hydration rate. It is safe enough to be used on sensitive skin. 
9. Shea Butter is a natural anti-bacterial, it helps eliminate the bacteria that can build up under your arms that can cause both odor and pimples. It is also non-comedogenic, unlike many other moisturizers. It has high quality natural herbal extracts that are proven to reduce rashes, mild pimples and dark spots from your underarm. Also use for removing Hyperpigmentation if Knee Elbow Neck or Back .
10. Mulberry & Vitamin C  are known for their anti-pigmentation and brightening properties.
11.  Hyaluronic Acid helps skin feel hydrated and supple.   
12. SPF 30  an effective sun block gives complete protection from UVA, UVB rays while whitening the skin and preventing sun tan and damage. It is suitable for brightening and whitening all types of skin as it offers increased sunscreen protection of 8 Hours
For best Results use Start with Skin Body Lightening Brightening Body Polishing Cream with SPF 30 and Complete the Regimen with Vigini Lightening Brightening Body Polishing Wash. Together use as a Body Skin Fairness Polishing Kit. It is safe to use after or with Skin Body Lightening Whitening Soap Wash Oil Lotion Serum.               
This cream is made using all premium quality natural ingredients. Vigini  Lightening Brightening Polishing cream helps do away with pigmentation issues, marks, spots and scars and gets you a clearer complexion to be precise. It comes with anti ageing and with SPF 30 for sun protection benefits that helps restrict the ageing process of the skin and helps do away with the first signs of ageing like wrinkles, spots and blemishes in the most effective manner.                                                              +                                                                                                                                                                                            Vigini Under Eye Cream is here to help you rejuvenate your eyes with the goodness of natural Actives. Let us know how the Natural actives and ingredients in the oil act to give you desired results.
1.JuvenEye CLR™  derived from plant and flower extract  helps in reduction of dark circles & puffiness. It supports skin regeneration and helps skin lightening. Both the colour and the surface area of dark circles are reduced significantly, melanin deposition in the skin is reduced and overall skin appearance is improved.

2.Retinol anti-ageing product and it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area by making skin tight firm and smooth.

3.Alpha Arbutin helps even out the skin colour and reduce dark circles and pigmentation. Alpha arbutin functions by decreasing the levels of melanin, the pigment that imparts the typical colour to our skin. As a result, the skin gets a lighter tone and dark spots, scars, under-eye dark circles, pigmentation, etc. are greatly reduced Hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps up skin. Immensely hydrates skin to correct sunken under eyes. Makes skin look plump, fresh and supple. 

4.Jojoba oil: Antioxidant rich Jojoba oil fights oxidative stress and intensely moisturizes skin.
5.Caffeine reduces redness, rich source of antioxidants that helps improve blood circulation in the under eye area & reduces dark circles Caffeine is soothing, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive, which can decrease redness and puffiness. 

6.Mulberries are extremely beneficial to the eyes as it fights free radical damage to the eyes. Mulberries are also loaded with Vitamin A which is extremely beneficial to the eyes as it fights free radical damage to the eyes. 

7.Vitamin-A  fights free radical damage to the eyes.

8.Chamomile refreshes sore or red eyes its anti-inflammatory properties help to depuff, reduce any swelling or inflammation that accompanies irritated eyes and help give skin a refreshed look and feel.  

9.Papaya powerful antioxidant properties contain carotenoids like beta-carotene that can be converted into vitamin A which is important for healthy eyes and vision. Papaya also contains two special compounds called lutein and zeaxanthin, it helps exfoliate you skin, reduce hyper pigmentation. 

10.Argan Oil helps in retaining moisture and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles that develop around the eyes due to stress and ageing as skin layers become inelastic.

11.Vitamin-E Slow down skin aging, reduces wrinkles & fine lines. Vitamin E slows down skin ageing, reduce wrinkles & fine lines while plumping the under eye area. 

 12.Cucumber Extract :  Cucumber has high water and antioxidant content, making it an elixir for dull eyes. It helps reduce melanin production by neutralizing the harmful free radicals produced by the sun’s UV rays. Cucumber is rich in Vitamin-C and Folic acid and it hydrates and moisturise the eye area.

VIGINI believes in purity and transparency, we bring to you the heroes of this under eye cream. It is formulated with a unique blend of premium ingredients that effectively Remove Dark Circles, Fine Lines and Puffiness in your under-eye skin making it Youthful and Radiant. This revitalizing formula comes in a form of a gel cream enriched with potent herbs and natural ingredients that helps in lightening dark circles Vigini under eye cream is a fast-absorbing and lightweight formula with restorative properties to help awaken the eyes to a visibly replenished look. It renews moisture to minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes where the first signs of aging are most likely to show. It helps to diminish dryness, calm skin-fatigue for a refreshed appearance. It helps in relieving the over fatigued and tired eyes, allowing the areas around the eyes to look radiant. It is a nutrient-rich Cream that helps in banishing dark circles and under eye bags .Vigini under eye cream gives a soothing effect and cools your under-eye area for better blood circulation and reduction of dark circles. Vigini under eye cream flex your beautiful, bright eyes. Protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and get enough sleep.  

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