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Fiery Hot 2 in 1 Massage Gel With Men Capsules

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Vigini+ 100% Natural Actives 2 in 1 Aromatherapy Fiery Hot Massage Gel Moisturizes Stimulates Reduces Friction Skin feels Soft & Supple. Enhances Feeling of Pleasure & Touch, Moisturizes with Romantic Soothing Effect. Use Vigini+ Aromatherapy Massage Stimulating Gel for a New Sensual Experience.


Vigini Plus Mens capsule helps boost Libido Energy Production and Endurance of Sperms.It contains natural ingredients and plant extracts which are medically proven to increase sperm count, sperm quality and sperm motility. Vigini mens Capsule natural are Aphrodisiac wherein the ingredients helps Increase  Mens Libido Boost endurance of Sperm and promote sperm production. 

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