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I am using this for last 2 month. I replaced my regular face wash with it, its oil control formula is good one Also skin does not feel dry.

Ritesh Trikha Customer

Good Body cream, I use it on my dark elbows and under arms, i see improvement in skin complexion.

Kamal Kashyap Customer

It’s efficacy is good expectation and claims made by the product itself, but has just mild effectiveness in treating hair fall, however the best thing about it is that it’s safe and non allergic.

Manish Customer

Love this all-natural, Early Greying hair oil from the Vigini Hair Oil collection for hair growth. I have been moisturizing my sun-bleached and once again somewhat damaged hair each night shortly before bed by put a few drops on my scalp and ends. And there is a tone of recompense of oil that I will share with you after using it for a few more months. The best hair early greying prevention Oil.

Saurav Customer

With teen age got Acne issues, Really I love this serum as its effective, I have also recommend my friends to use it ❤

Aman Customer

I have started using this for my acne. It’s very light weight on your skin, but it’s really very hydrating and has good ingredients

Neelu Singh Customer
  • Ritesh Trikha Customer
  • Kamal Kashyap Customer
  • Manish Customer
  • Saurav Customer
  • Aman Customer
  • Neelu Singh Customer

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